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Human Capital Management

Management Selection and Staffing

We can help you to directly link your management selection as well as your overall staffing process to the mission of your organization. This is done by identifying the critical competencies needed to succeed in your organization and translating them into position profiles which become a living blueprint of what your management needs to become. Each position has a mission linked directly to the company mission; critical success factors - those things that must go absolutely right for the position to be successful, and core competencies - many of which are shared by all management but are unique to the individual, and situational factors - unique and tactical, linked to the specific position.

Taken a step further, these profiles can be translated into structured interviews which will prep the organization to ask the right questions of prospective candidates. We have found that with these very focused interviews management can get twice the information in half the time.

TPP has the experience and capability to help you assess your staffing needs and outline an effective strategy to satisfy those needs. Once the strategies are clear you can outsource your recruiting and staffing needs to TPP for effective delivery of services including:

  • Management of recruiting sources
  • Administration and database management
  • Phone pre-screening
  • Interviews
  • Coordination of in-house interviews
  • Candidate negotiations
  • References and background screening
  • Testing
  • New employee orientation

Each program is designed around your unique needs where we will put in place a set of activities to support your ongoing activities. You can use as little or as much of these services as you need.