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Human Capital Management

Organization Analysis

Everyone knows what an organization chart is. It captures, at a point in time, the reporting relationships, the people, and the various positions in an enterprise. However, there is much more to tell. This snapshot is frozen in time and doesn't give us any idea of the dynamic content of an organization. Furthermore, in the age of shared information many organizations have been turned upside down where many managers today are as much a coach as a giver of orders. These relationships need to be recognized. Other questions must be asked:

  • How, where and by whom are decisions made.
  • What are the key decision points such as pricing, reserving, competitive strategy, product development, employee and management selection, etc?
  • How does your organization really work - how does it process information, how does its production flow?
  • How do you describe the culture of your company (things that are "just there" but are never talked about)?
  • How does your organization respond to changes in strategy, major events, crisis?
  • What are the best ways to lead your organization?

TPP will help you to better understand your organization, enhance its capabilities, and respond to the challenges ahead.